Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snack time

Thursday, December 27, 2012


A couple of months ago I got a new camera.  Today I had a little time to photograph my oldest and try out some new things. 
I really want to improve my photography this year.  So here are a couple shots of my little shoot with my Sophia.  Love this girl.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Can See the Light

This winter has not been easy on us.  Since after Christmas we have all had the head cold from hell.  In between there Cameron and I have both had varicose vein procedures.  I have had 2 surgeries with in 3 weeks of each other.  Although I am happy to have it over and done with having my veins stripped was NOT fun.  Recovering while having sick kiddos really really NOT fun!

So last week after our 2nd trip to the Dr. in a month we found out that Olivia had RSV and a double ear infection.  Poor poor baby!
She was miserable.  She had lost her appetite for food but, she was still nursing quite a bit and not dehydrated we were able to keep her out of the hospital.  
Needless to say we had a hard miserable sleepless weekend.

 This photo may forever break my heart.

Dad was trying hard to distract her from her misery while watching snow fall.

 Luckily she is recovering.  I took this yesterday morning.

 Then by yesterday afternoon she was showing signs of being back to her old self.  Cute and standing.

 Most of the time I just follow the trail of mess to find her.  She loves to pull everything down and loves to clear things out.  So much fun....
 This is for my sister who was asking me how much hair she had.  She has more hair than any of my other babies at this age.

She hasn't made a full recovery but, she is definitely A LOT better.  All of the kids have been sick off and on.  Just tonight Cameron came home and said his throat is sore again.  Would it be mean of me to send him away for a few days????  The nurturing side of me is wearing down pretty fast.:)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 is GRAND!

Natalia turned 3 years old a couple of days before Christmas.  I look at this blonde sweetie I wonder when in the heck did she get to big?  She is such a funny girl.  Her personality is so funny and cute.  She is convinced her name is Talia tu-tu and she wears dresses any chance she gets.  She loves to snuggle anyone that is close to her.  Including the occasional stranger (we are working on that one).  Whom ever sits by her on the couch will get snuggled so death.  If one of her older sisters forgets to hug her before they leave to school she is devastated.  Natalia your spunk and smile light up our world.  We love you so very much!

 Natalia has been asking when her birthday was coming up for months.  When the big day arrived she was beside herself.  She slept in her "birthday dress" (as dress Sabine kindly gave her).  These photos were taken at 7:30am.  We opened presents early and had pancakes to kick off her special day.

 Happy girl!

 Opening her gifts.
 My parents got Natalia a treasure box of dress ups.  I have never seen this girl so excited.  Many of our dresses have been passed down from the older girls and they have seen better days.

Look at that face!  This photo melts me.

 She wasted no time and tried on her new dresses.  She quickly picked the pink on as her favorite.


 Oh to be 3 years old again.  Pink dresses, tiaras, and pearl necklaces.  3 years has never looked so good!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sweet Cheeks is 7 Months

Oh my baby how could 7 months pass by so quickly?  I swear yesterday the Dr. put you in my arms for the first time.  You are still that sweet, mellow, gentle soul that was given to us 7 months ago.  To say that we love you is an understatement.  You came into a family that is crazy about you. We love you so much Olive.  

You are getting so big and you can already do so much.

You sit up all on your own.

 You are curious and follow little sounds and sights that come your way.

You know your name and smile when we call you.

 You love to eat.  You have tried a whole variety of smooth foods and like them all.  Even peas.  You still are an excellent nurser and don't even seem close to giving that up yet.

 You are really starting to explore.  Since our floors are hardwood you virtually slither where ever you want to go.  Not quite crawling-probably because the floor is too slick.  You are a mover and a shaker.

You have all 5 of our hearts wrapped around your tiny baby finger.

We love you Olivia!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Big Girls

 Ava has been in Kindergarten for a few months  now.  She has grown up so much I am in shock half of the time.  Ava is constantly drawing and coloring.  She is my creative kin spirit.  I see many years of crafting with her in the future.  She has such a big heart and is really sensitive to those around her.  She loves to ride her bike and go on runs with her dad.  She has a ton of energy which reminds me so much of Cameron.  When she is home she is usually my shadow.  She loves to help out and hold Olivia any chance she gets.  She is my little buddy-love her.


 Sophia is continuing to grow up despite my plea for her to slow down.  She is still one of the tallest girls in her class.  She loves to read and write.  Math kinda drives her crazy.  She is so much smarter than me it scares me.  She is such a good big sister and has really taken Ava under her wing at school.  Sophia is still my sassy girl.  Her quick wit can make us all laugh or get her in trouble at times.:)  She also has a tender heart and is so good to her younger sisters.  She still sings and dances whenever and where ever.  Middle of Target is her stage-so brave that girl!  Love her so much!

 These girls have really developed a good relationship over the last year.  It makes my heart sore to see them befriend each other.  I love these two so much.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Just One of those Days

No sleep can make us all feel like this.